Howdy and welcome to my page!!  Not sure how you got here (I’ve had that problem more than a few times lol!!) but so glad to have you here.  Well it seems I survived another Thanksgiving – YAY ME!  Last year at this time, I was trying to get my head out of my butt and get my life back on track after surviving a horrible year-long marriage that left me pretty well financially and mentally BROKE!!  But see, here is the thing – stuff like that is only temporary. Why?  Because I am a woman and better yet – I am a WOMAN VETERAN!!  I’m sure so many of you have made some TERRIBLE mistakes in your time so you can totally relate.  Oh, BTW’s – I plan to be VERY transparent and open about things in my life on this page.  The one thing that I have learned in my 43 years is that Transparency is Freedom!!   Like many of you, I’ve lived many parts of my life in secret.  Always worried that if someone knew about this or that, they wouldn’t like me – or worse – they wouldn’t let their kids play with my kids.  This weekend I finally was able to watch “Bad Moms” and let me tell you – that move was spot on!!  For us women of service, I think it is even worse.  We have to put on a face and “fake it till we make it” because Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines with “issues” don’t make rank!

So I’m gonna keep this first post short because as those who know me will tell you I have SERIOUS Dorie syndrome!!  I can get off subject in the blink of the eye!  I just wanted to welcome you all to my page.  I hope that if you are a woman veteran, you find comfort from this page by finding out that you are not alone in your feelings and struggles.  And if you are not a female veteran, I hope this page provides some major insight into the struggles that women veterans face after leaving the service – as well as the struggles we had while still in.  I must forewarn you!!  Some topics may be sensitive in nature and not for the faint of heart, but I can also almost guarantee you might pee your pants from laughing so hard!  (For some of us older ladies, peeing our pants while laughing is old news lol!!)   As most of us are, I am quite the busy bee but I am going to try my hardest to post a something at least every couple of days or more.  PLEASE post feedback or send me messages with topics of interest to you.

I do have one request!  I very much believe in the power of words!  What I mean is that so many of the blogs and Facebook pages for veterans tend to be nothing but a gripe session.  If you are having issues, please do reach out for help, but please try and refrain from making a comment thread of nothing but continual complaining.  We can’t change the past nor can we change what people say and do, but we can change how we react to it and not let it dictate our lives.  POSITIVITY BREEDS POSITIVITY!!!  Also, please (TRY) to minimize the use of profanity.  I know that is hard – believe me – I am a Sailor!!  Ok that’s all for tonight.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.



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