Love you long time….

So my first port visit was Pusan, Korea.  I had been on the ship about 6 months and we made the trek across the Pacific to our new homeport of Sasebo, Japan. Shortly after arriving in Japan, we made our first deployment to Korea. I was still on a high from the idea that I was actually living in Japan and taking in all her beauty but I was equally excited to finally visit another country.  I was an engineer at the time – my job was to run and maintain the ship’s diesel engines.  Needless to say, we were usually the last ones off the ship for liberty.  I headed off with a couple of guys from my department for a night of fun and drinking and seeing what this country had to offer.  The guys from my shop were ok- one was my supervisor so he kind of kept a watch on me.  Let me start by saying that (at least the part we visited) there is nothing spectacular about Korea!  We walked along the streets (I would really classify them as alleys) and passed numerous shops but it was very dirty and just bare.   As we are walking, I notice a little up the way – a line of guys lined up outside this one bar.  My liberty buddies indicated that’s where we were headed so of course my curiosity was in high gear as to why there was a line?  In America it isn’t uncommon to see a line coming out of popular nightclubs because that is the “it” place to be but nothing indicated this was a nightclub because there was no music blaring and the place was very small and run down.  So we get closer and I realize that the guys were all from my ship (we only had less than 300 so I pretty much knew everyone).  They weren’t waiting to walk into the place because we just walked right in.  Once inside, I noticed 2 things.  That line of guys ran from outside all along the inside of one wall and ended at a door on the back wall.  Hmmmm – what could they all be waiting for?  I thought (naively) maybe they were waiting to use the head or something lol.  I then notice – at a table dead center in the bar – my Mess Chief (the Chief in charge of feeding the ship’s crew) was sitting at this table with a very young Korean girl sitting on his lap.  Actually, she was sitting on his HAND and wiggling around a bit on his hand on his lap.  I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into further detail what that was all about!  Then I realize that line of guys waiting to go through that door – well they would go in that door and come out a door on the other side of the same wall.  Yes, all those guys (seemed like half the ship) was waiting in line to screw the ONE girl that was in that room!!!   My disgust was amplified when I saw our ship’s doctor in the line!!  Needless to say, the morning we got underway to leave Korea, there was a whole new line for those guys to stand in – the one outside medical to get a shot!

And they wondered why most of our females wouldn’t give them the time of day.  EEEWWWW!!!!


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