A New Chapter


So, it’s been a while!  As usual, my life gets a bit out of control sometimes.  I keep asking God to add another few hours to each day but he insists I learn to manage my time better.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve been dealing with horrible migraines as well as keeping my depression at bay.  I tried to stay full throttle in managing my women veterans group and planning activities and fundraisers and such.  I had some new people come into my life by chance meetings, but I also had some that were important in my life make an exit.  Also, the financial stress of me not having income was starting to weigh on me.  I NEEDED to figure out a way to bring in income without a typical 8-5 job.

Well I finally took a leap of Faith.   I was happy to have time to fully devote myself to building up the non-profit that I had started for women veterans, but financially it put us in a bind.  Those of  you who know me personally, know that I’m not one to just sit back and sulk in my misery or ride the pity train.  After tinkering around with my craft machine, I realized I had a goldmine sitting literally under my fingertips!  I started taking classes at Del Mar Small Business Development Center to learn various aspects of entrepreneurship.  Those classes also provided me information about more free training and  information from the Small Business Administration.  I also found that I might qualify for some funding through my Vocational Rehabilitation benefits.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to know more!  I am amazed at the free resources that are available to anyone – but especially to veterans – wanting to start their own businesses.  I quickly learned that I really had a knack for this business thing.  I practically live on social media so that really helped me  in seeking out so much information that many people pay actual money to learn about in a classroom.

Going into this, I knew I had bad credit so getting a loan would be near impossible.  So I’ve had to sort of inch my way into things a little at time. But that has actually been a blessing because it’s given me more time to do research to ensure my plan is a success.  I’m so blessed to have such an amazing and supportive group of Sisters in Arms that have not only helped me in the market research of my products, but many have also actually purchased my stuff.  The point of that statement is that that success comes from having a Tribe.  Ya’ll know I’ve said that at least a dozen times in other posts!  I can’t stress the TRIBE enough.  I’m lucky enough that my TRIBE is a group of other bad-ass women who served their country and many times also juggled families.  It is important to surround yourself with people who will support you and encourage you in any endeavor you embark upon.  I also have God on my side and I know that he put all of this on my heart because he knew I would succeed.  Nothing worth having comes easy!

What is my point in all this rambling?  (Ya’ll missed my ramblings didn’t you?) lol  I meet people everyday who have some kind of story.  Whether it’s due to family issues, medical issues, divorce, you name it – EVERYONE has a story.  But the end of each story really tells you a lot about the person’s character.  There are those that use their story as a crutch as to why they “aren’t where they should be” and then there are those that embrace their story and use it as fuel to re-write their next chapter.  Everyone of you reading this has in it you to do something great.  God created us all for greatness.  The choice to get their, however, is yours to make.  Information is literally at our fingertips these days.  Personally, I think college is overrated for most adults.  Saying you don’t have money for college is the reason you are stuck in your situation is an excuse and a bunch a BS.  When you stop focusing on everything wrong in your life and focus on what is good, that is when things start to turn around for you.  Surround yourself with positive people. People that will inspire you.  Is there something you always wished you could do (as a job)?  What is stopping you?  If you don’t know how to attain that goal, find someone who does.  I’ll be willing to bet they would be more than happy to share their secrets to success with you.  I truly want nothing more than for everyone woman out there to realize her potential and realize that only SHE is in control of her future and that she is worth it to have a great future.  But it starts from within.  Love you all!  XOXO


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