Bloggers Recognition Award


Howdy everyone!  I am so excited to announce that my blog was awarded the Bloggers Recognition Award!  Thank you so much to  for nominating me!  This award is recognition from other bloggers in the Blogging community so it really means a lot to me that my writings have impacted others.

While the Blogger Recognition Award is not an actual award, it is a great way to connect with other bloggers and get more readers – and there are a few rules to follow as part of accepting this award:
  1. I must thank the blogger who nominated me and provide a link to their blog.
  2. I must write a post to show the award.
  3. I must write a brief story on how my blog started.
  4. I must give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. I must select 15 bloggers to pass this award to.
  6. I must comment on each of their blogs to let them know they have been nominated for this award and provide a link to this post



How did your Blog get started

I never in a million years ever thought I’d be writing for people to read my thoughts!  After a very difficult struggle with transitioning out of the military and meeting other women veterans struggling with similar issues I figured I would write about my own struggles and how I overcame them in an effort to show others they weren’t alone.  Also, I wanted to give the world an inside look at what it’s really like being a woman veteran because society still stereotypes the word “veteran” to being a man.  Well, my ADHD tends to get out of control and so my posts, while mostly revolve around being a veteran navigating the world, it often goes in many different directions!  I never imagined my ramblings would have such a far reaching impact on others but I’m truly grateful for being given the gift of gab!

Advice to new bloggers

The first piece of advice would be to not overthink it – just start writing.  You don’t have to be a “professional writer” to start a blog.  Don’t write like your English teacher will be grading you on proper format.  Write how you talk!  Your writings should reflect YOU!  Those that know me personally and have read my blog have commented that I write just like I talk!  When you write about something that you are passionate about, the ideas will freely flow!

The second piece of advice would be to not write on such a specific topic.  What I mean by that is to figure out how to apply what you write about (if you have a very particular subject) to different niches.  For me, I initially wanted to write only about “being a woman veteran” but soon realized that not everyone cares about that!  So it evolved into writing about various experiences I have (as a woman veteran) but I related it to things such as parenting, mental health, friends, etc.  The more people that can relate – the larger your audience will become.


And the award goes to…

Congratulations to all the awardees!  Each one of them puts a lot of effort into what they write about and for some it has been a very personal journey.  I really hope you can check them out.  Who knows?  Maybe it will inspire you to begin a blogging journey yourself!

OK, now for the really great part!  Here are the 15 bloggers that I have selected to pass the award on to:

Samuel Boney –  Combat Medic  (This is a MUST read for anyone struggling with PTSD and for those trying to understand it)

Jodie – NanoQueen

Rashelle – Ra’s Life Lessons

Chelsey – Icing on the Page

Howard – The Ninety Nine

Rhian – Rhian’s Recipes

Cassidy – Cassidy’s Adventures 

Sharon – BrandTravels

Kristin – This Wife & Mommy Life

Milly – MyBelle 

Molly – Through Her Eyes 

Braden – Knowing Jesus Better

Elisa – Horse Cow Meow

Gina – Momm(a)Musing

Star – Never Alone Blog



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