Long haul flights with kids -Tips and tricks!

The Abbottses

So you’ve booked a trip across the world with your small humans. You’re all brimming with excitement as you picture the wonderful memories that will be built, and that wonderful feeling of sharing the world with your precious offspring. Problem is, the realisation the dawns upon you that in order to get to this place of dreams, you have to spend hours upon hours with said offspring in a confined space with lots of strangers, food that tastes of cardboard and a teeny tiny piece of hand luggage that has to contain ALL of your best distraction tools. You need tips. You need help.

So even though we haven’t braved a flight to Australia yet, we did manage a red-eye 21 hour trip to Asia with our bundles of joy last year. So I thought I would compile a list of our top tips alongside those of some well-seasoned travellers.

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